Do I have to be there for Check-In?

Yes, all players must be present for their assigned team meeting and check-in time on Friday.

Can I request my jersey number?

No, the numbers are randomly assigned and may not be requested.

Are all the games played at the Hall of Fame Stadium?

All games will be played at the Hall of Fame Stadium complex, but obviously not all games can be played at the stadium itself.

 Is there a gift exchange?

The athletes will be getting a USA Softball Swag Bag for their participation in the All-American Games  Tournament but there will be no gift exchanges between teams since they are made up of individual players.

Will there be pin trading?

There will be no official pin trading since the teams are made up of individual players but if players want to bring their own team’s pins to trade, that is up to them.

Am I guaranteed to play my primary position?

This event is made up of elite athletes from all over the country. Play time and position will be determined by the coach. You may be asked to play another position for the benefit of the team.

 Who is coaching my team?

Similar to the players, each Region selected the best coaches possible to represent their region. Your coach should contact you in July.

Who Should I Contact if I am not contacted by my coach?

Please email and we can put you in touch with your coach.

How was it determined who played who in Pool Play?

A blind draw was used to  place teams into the Pool Play Schedule. Teams were protected from playing their own Region in Pool Play.

Will we be protected from our Region in Bracket Play?

No. Single elimination bracket will be determined by the seeding from pool play.

Am I Guaranteed to Play at the Stadium Field?

Yes.  All teams are guaranteed to play at least 1 game on the Stadium Field.