Uniforms: The team in the 1st base dugout will always wear Blue. The team in the 3rd base dugout will always be Red.

Dugouts:  Players and coaches are the only individuals allowed in the dugout. The team listed at the bottom of the bracket (or listed 2nd) will occupy the third base dugout unless the team is playing back-to-back.

Coin Flip: The home team and visiting team will be determined by a coin toss when line-ups are turned in to the home plate umpire prior to the game.

Playing Rules: All playing rules and regulations for the tournament will be in accordance with the 2019 USA Softball Official Rules of Softball.

Game Times: All games = 1 hr 15 minutes

Please follow the times listed on the official tournament bracket. Game time is forfeit time. Teams should be prepared to start a game immediately after the proceeding game is completed in the event that the tournament is running behind schedule.

Line Up Forms: Tournament officials will provide line-up forms for each team. Managers must use First and Last Names and jersey number when filling out the line-up forms. You should turn in your line-up cards 15 minutes prior to your next game.

Scorekeeping: GameChanger will be used to scorekeep all games. Fans from home will be able to follow live play-by-play and real-time stats online. We are using GameChanger for the purposes of official scorekeeping and for fans to follow the game. We are NOT using for official stats. Please do not approach scorekeepers to ask about specific plays.

Livestreaming: All games will be Livestreamed through USA Softball. Link will be available on the www.usasoftballallamericangames.com. These games are not recorded and saved.

Weather: In the event of inclement weather, the schedule will be adjusted according to the USA Softball Code.

Heat: Oklahoma’s heat is very hot and humid. Please drink plenty of water in the week leading up to the event.

Parking: There is no charge for parking and adequate parking at Hall of Fame Stadium. There is NO overnight parking allowed.

Admission:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday is $5 per day, children 12 & under are free. No advance purchase available.

Souvenirs: Souvenirs will be available throughout the entire weekend.

Softball Factory Camp Info:  All participants will be invited to attend a skills camp Sponsored by Softball Factory on Friday June 7th.  Camp will be held at Northwest Classen High School – 2801 NW 27th St – Oklahoma City 7317

Region 1 & 3 = 3:30-5:30pm          Region 2 & 5 = 4:30-6:30pm

Region 4, 6 & 7 = 5:30-7:30pm          Region 8, 9 & 10 = 6:30-8:30pm

If the NCAA is done with the WCWS, the camp may be moved to the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium.  Notification would be made via email / website.