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Greater San Joaquin, Sacramento, San Francisco, Hawaii, Nevada






Contact: Sandy Tudor :

Selection Process:

The Pacific Coast Region (Region 10) has the opportunity to field a total of three teams (45 athletes and 6 coaches) for participation in the USA Softball All-American Games.

In an effort to streamline the try-out process for the first year, the 45 athlete spots and 6 coach spots have been divided among the 8 Associations within our Region based on registration numbers for 2017.

Each association will select their participants and all athletes will be put in a pool to create the 3 teams to represent our Region at the USA Softball All-American games. Final teams will be selected by April 30th.

Association                                     # of Player Selections                              # of Coach Selections

Southern California                                  17                                                          1

Northern California                                   9                                                             1

Central California                                     4                                                             1

Sacramento                                             5                                                           1

San Joaquin                                             2                                                             0

Nevada                                                    3                                                            1

Arizona                                                    3                                                            1

Hawaii                                                      2                                                            0

Each Association is able to set their own guidelines for selection to the USA Softball All-American Team. However, all participants must meet the following guidelines:

  1. Must be on an USA Softball Registered Team for the 2018 season.
  2. Players must be age eligible for the 12u Division

Association Try-Out Information

Southern California (17Athletes, 1 Coach)

For more information, please e-mail:

Northern California (9 Athletes, 1 Coach)

In order to be eligible players must be age 12 or younger as December 31, 2017. Nor Cal USA Softball has designated three(3) events as selection Events for this year All-American Games, where we will have representatives there evaluating players. Those events are as follows:

Coming SOON!



Coaches wishing to be selected please click on this link for the application:

Nor CalAll-American_Games_Coaches_Application


Central California (4Athletes, 1 Coach)

Coach Selection: Coach will be selected from application submitted based on reputation, qualifications and application package.

Athlete Selection: Athletes will be selected from the Selection Camp. Athletes must be invited to the Selection Camp in order to participate.



For more information, please contact Paul Blair at:

Sacramento (5 Athletes, 1 Coach)




For more information, please visit:

San Joaquin (2 Athletes, 0 Coach)

Athlete Selection:  

for more information, please visit

Nevada  (3 Athletes, 1 Coach)


For more information, please email:

Arizona (3 Athletes, 1 Coach)

Details Coming Soon!

Hawaii  (2 Athletes, 0 Coach) 

Athlete Selection: Open Try Out  March 18

This try-out is open to any registered player from the Hawaii association ho signs up for the tryout by the deadline. A selection committee will be observing the tryout and identifying players to select to the All-American team.

For more information, please email:

or sign-up online at




Notification Process: 

All Athletes and coaches will be notified by the Region, the week of coming soon  via US Mail.