Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri, Nebraska, St. Louis

Questions for this region please contact:  Kristy Rich:

FACTS: Players may try out as many times as they want and may try out at any of our regional locations.


Local Tryout Information:

The top performers at each local tryout will be invited to attend the Regional Tryout. The number of players selected from each local tryout is up to the local association running the event.   Participants selected from a local tryout must be able to attend the Regional Tryout in-order to be considered for one of the Regional Teams.

MISSOURI:  June 17 – Rolla, MO
Tryout to be run in conjunction with the 12A National & Hall of Fame Qualifier.  See for details or contact Kristy Rich at:

KANSAS CITY:  3 tryouts available – each tryout will be run in conjunction with a tournament at the locations listed below.  Visit  or Contact Mary at: for details

April 8 – Adair Park – Independence, MO completed —  May 7 – Adair Park – Independence, MO

June 17 – Hidden Valley – Blue Springs, MO

ST. LOUIS: tryouts have been completed for this area

KANSAS:  May 6th – Galena, KS  Contact: Traci Spear at 620-674-1839

IOWA:  June 9-11 – Napoleon Park – Iowa City, IA  Contact Ron Zimmerman at:

NEBRASKA: June 17, Doris Bair Complex, Lincoln, NE

For details contact: Renee Williams at

COLORADO: June 14, Westminster, CO

For details contact: Matt Rauzi at:


Players must qualify at your local level to advance to the REGIONAL FINALS.  Players selected to advance to the Regional Finals will be notified after your local tryouts have concluded.  Players will be selected from the Regional Finals to participate in the All American Games in Oklahoma City.  Only players who were selected to advance to the Regional Finals may participate in the final tryout.

Date: June 24th – Hidden Valley Sports Complex in Blue Springs, MO
Time: 9:00am
Location: Players report to Field 7