Minneapolis, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Questions for this region please contact:

Tom Bye:  tbye@USAsoftballmn.org






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Selection Process:

The Northern Region (Region 8) has the opportunity to field a total of two teams (30 athletes and 4 coaches) for participation in the USA Softball All-American Games.

In an effort to streamline the try-out process for the first year, the 30 athlete spots and 4 coach spots have been divided among the 4 Associations within our Region.

Each association will select their participants and all athletes will be put in a pool to create the 2 teams to represent our Region at the USA Softball All-American games. Final teams will be selected by July 1st.

Association # of Player Selections # of Coach Selections

Minnesota                      10                            1

Wisconsin                       10                           1

North Dakota                    5                           1

South Dakota                   5                           1

Each Association is able to set their own guidelines for selection to the USA Softball All-American Team. However, all participants must meet the following guidelines:

1. Must be on an USA Softball Registered Team for the 2017 season.

2. Players must be age eligible for the 12u Division

Association Try-Out Information

Minnesota (10 Athletes, 1 Coach)

92 Athletes from the 2016 MN Community All Star Series have been identified .

Invitations will be sent out by May 12th, 2017

Contact Tom Bye, tbye@USAsoftballmn.org

Association Try-Out Information

Wisconsin (10 Athletes, 1 Coach)

Tryouts on May 21st at Lake Mills WI Rotary Park on Sandy Beach Rd. 2pm start.

Contact Barbara Walters, walters_bargara@hotmail.com

Association Try-Out Information

North Dakota (5 Athletes, 1 Coach)

Tryouts on Saturday June 10th in Bismarck at 1:00pm

This will be in conjunction with the Bismarck Blast Tournament

Contact Brian Neuhardt, brian.neuhardt@yahoo.com

Association Try-Out Information

South Dakota (5 Athletes, 1 Coach)

Tryouts on May 18th in Sioux Falls at the Sherman Park Complex. 6:00pm start.

Contact Carol Pipgras, pip2125@sio.midco.net