What is the USA Softball All-American Games?

  • The USA Softball All-American Games is a Prestigious tournament hosted at the USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium in Oklahoma City. The All-American Games will provide National exposure to elite athletes in the 12U age division and has been specifically designed to identify and highlight the best athletes from across the country.
  • Each Region will select two teams (30 individual athletes and 4 coaches) to represent their geographical area. Additional at-large selections are given to certain Regions with highest registration. This event is designed to recognize individual athletes for their outstanding playing abilities and selections should represent the individual best players and not an in-tact team.
  • Where are the USA Softball All-American team tryouts?
  • Tryouts are based on regions and the information will be posted under the tryout information for your particular region.

Who will select the players for the All-American teams?

  • Players Selections are made on the regional level.  By Local and regional USA Softball JO Commissioners and their staff.

 How much will this cost us to participate?

  • Each player will be responsible for their travel accommodation.  The Event is free for the players to participate.  Each Local Region has taken care of the player fees associated with this event.

Can my daughter tryout in other regions?

  • You must tryout and be selected within the region you registered/reside in.

Can my daughter participate in multiple tryouts?

  • Yes your daughter can attend as many tryouts as she would like.

What positions can I select?

  • Each participant will select two positions.  A Primary and a Secondary.  We will be selecting the best players to fit the needs of that particular team based on performance at the tryout.

Does my daughter need an invite or is it open to all players?

  • Tryouts are open to all players who want to participate that meet the age requirements set by USA SOFTBALL.

How will I know if my daughter is selected for the USA Softball All-American Games?

  • You will be notified by your region by May10th.  Please make sure you have entered all of your contact information correctly.   Once your daughter has been contacted you will have 72 hours to accept the position.

Who will coach the USA Softball All-American games?

  • 2 coaches per team will be selected from the region the team is from the JO Commissioners that reside in each of those regions.

Will there be practices for the regional teams throughout the year?

  • No, there is no additional commitment through out the year.  Your regional team will have designated time before the start of the USA Softball All-American Games.